We enable customers to create a DevOps process for end-to-end application releases thereby enabling reliable and faster ones.
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The continuous evolution and improvement of business capabilities is a crucial factor for success for any organization in today’s world. DevOps brings together development, operation and business teams and applies automated processes to streamline the delivery of products and services.

Our Capabilities
We have built strong capabilities in the DevOps space.
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Readiness Assessment, Infrastructure Assessment, Process Assessment, Pilot Framework, Roadmap and Plan
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Change to Tools Setup Environment, Provisioning CI/CD Pipelines, Monitoring
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CI/CD Pipelines Release Management Environment Management Continuous Monitoring Incident Management Performance Optimization
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CI/CD Pipelines, Release Management, Workflow Code Quality Control, Test Automation
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Configuration Management, Containerization, Infrastructure as Code, Cloud and On-Premise Infrastructure Management
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Assessment Threat and Vulnerability SAST and DAST Compliance Monitoring Infrastructure as Code Deployment Hardening
Our Approach
  • DevOps Assessment
    Process (Agile practices, configuration management, communication, knowledge sharing, customer feedback), Technology (tools, automation, infrastructure, testing, release cycle), People (DevOps skills, trainings, cross functional teams, openness)
  • DevOps Roadmap
    Defines how a customer can achieve faster, safer, and more reliable software releases by adopting DevOps principles and practices.
  • DevOps Implementation
    Assessment, build automation, continuous integration, configuration management, continuous delivery, continuous testing, continuous deployment, continuous monitoring, and continuous feedback.
  • DevOps Managed Services
    DevOps Services (CI/CD, Configuration Management, Log Management, Cost Optimization, Performance Optimization), DevOps Enablement (Staff augmentation, Training, and Support)
Value we deliver

Our DevOps services span the entire application life cycle and offers you significant advantages like foster time-to-market, improved product quality, reduced outages, high defect removal efficiency and of course. improved customer satisfaction. Leveraging our technology expertise, R&D and a vibrant partner ecosystem, our dedicated consulting and execution teams offer services ranging from readiness assessment to implementation. We have driven excellent business outcomes for our clients in terms of speed to market, process enhancements and quality.