Industry 4.0 services

Innovative and groundbreaking applications of Industry 4.0 for the globalized economy.
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We help our clients leverage the benefits of Industry 4.0 by bringing in more flexibility in processes, higher productivity, increased revenue, and enhanced production quality.

Our Capabilities
We leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data analytics to create more intelligent, efficient, and sustainable manufacturing processes.
Industrial IoT Enablement
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We offer comprehensive IoT enablement services that cover : 1. Defining strategy and roadmap to adopt IoT technology. 2. Defining best-fit technology stack for sensors, gateways, infrastructure, and data processing. 3. Designing and developing IoT applications and smart industry solutions.
IOT sensor data processing and analytics
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Design and implement solutions to capture, process, store, retrieve and analyze any kind of IoT/sensor data for real-time intelligence that your business can quickly act upon.
Digital twin solutions
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Conceptualize, design, and implement Digital Twins’ solutions that leverage physical, manufacturing, and operational data, and technologies like IoT, Big Data, AI, and AR/VR
Analytics for Predictive Maintenance
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Leverage advanced analytics, big data, anomaly detection algorithms, and machine learning to develop solutions that can predict machine failure and enable better predictive maintenance schedules.
Value we deliver

Our Industry 4.0 services help deliver significant value to manufacturers. By using advanced technologies like IoT, Big Data, AI and AR/VR, manufacturers can continuously improve their productivity, quality, costs, customer service, and sustainability