Faster roll-out of features for a radio network

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Our Cloud portfolio solutions enable rapid application development for the leading radio network in UAE
The Case
The client required rapid app development that integrates with popular social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, as well as Google and Microsoft logins. Push notification to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BB7 and BB10 Integration with iTunes and Nokia Music

Azure SQL Database – Hosting the database in Azure provided data backup and disaster recovery within a cloud infrastructure.

Azure Mobile Services – Login with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft accounts are handled in Microsoft Azure cloud. This insulates the code in the mobile app/server-side from changes in these 3rd party systems.

Push notifications were also done through the interfaces provided by Azure.

ASP.NET MVC – Ensured the CMS is easy to maintain and update with new features

Web API – Hosting in the Cloud-enabled scaling the capacity to handle requests up/down through simple interface configurations.

Technology Stack


**iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry


** MVC, C#, Web API


Microsoft Azure – Websites, Mobile Services, SQL Database


**Apple iTunes, Nokia Music


Scalable, Secure, Rapid Application Development

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