Democratizing NFTs for a Singapore based Fintech

Banking & Financial Services
Demystifying and making NFTs accessible to the customers of a Metaverse startup based in Singapore
The Case
The company has designed a no-code platform that embeds NFTs within their customer’s ecosystem. It gives customers easy tools so they can do practically anything with NFTs: Simply use the wallet to transact and trade with NFTs. Or go big and mint large collections, create digital art, run campaigns, sell NFT tickets and merchandise, and more. The client’s problem statement was to build a platform to cater to needs of different personas like freelance artists to large businesses who want to enter the NFT Commerce world. The platform should offer both B2B and B2B2C experience. The platform should allow businesses to plug in NFT into their existing commerce without going through or understanding the nuances of Blockchain.

We built a solution for the client with the vision of future scalability and maintainability and also the platform was built in a loosely coupled microservices architecture that allowed the customer to open the platform for an opensource contribution. The aim was to launch scalable SaaS tools and APIs used by Brands and Creators to deploy NFT collections and utilize NFTs in their brand user flows. The architecture used the best in class secure, scalable, cloud native and ops tools.

Technology Stack

- UI/UX Design: XD

- Frontend Development: React

- Backend Development: Node

- Mobile App Development: Flutter


The platform was designed to attract a large developer community on Web3 to easily contribute and enhance the platform and make Web3 available to the common man without knowing the nuances and technicalities involved. The platform was designed to work on multiple digital channels like web, mobile, SDKs, APIs, embeddable frames and also interact with existing web3 platforms and marketplaces.

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