Faster GTM for a Comparison Business

Banking & Financial Services
Test automation enables faster to market product releases for one of Australia’s biggest comparison businesses
The Case
The customer’s responsive web application caters to 1 million users in Australia. But there were massive challenges in scaling development & testing to support fast-paced enhancement releases to market. Ad hoc testing and haphazard processes were leading to skewed test coverage and extended test cycles.

The Reflections QA team identified the client’s QA goals and setup processes to streamline activities. We leveraged Confluence to document learning and reduced dependency on client SMEs by 50%. We piloted Test case optimization and E2E testing in Health portfolio that enhanced the test coverage and implemented test automation using Katalon studio framework in Health and expanded to Life portfolios. The team carried out testing in Production post deployment of highly critical user journeys to early list identification and mitigation.


• Enhanced transparency & risk mitigation

• 20% faster release role out of enhancements by automating 60% of test scenarios

• Improved quality through Cross browser and Cross device testing

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