Faster Roll-out for a Fintech Startup

Banking & Financial Services
Rearchitected test strategy helps Singapore based Fintech to achieve faster roll-out of features and increase customer base
The Case
For its approximately 100k end users, the company was using analytics and behavioral patterns using games to calculate credit scores. The existing tech stack resulted in heavy mobile app and large data consumption for users. Current testing strategies was limited to testing on selective devices and using emulator.

Our team ported the apps to lighter technology platform React JS. The QA Team rearchitected the test strategy and leveraged Browser stack and enhanced test coverage on cross browser and cross-devices with OS combinations. Testing was done simulating network conditions of regions US, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India. Furthermore, the team carried out a round of crowd source testing and validated real world customer situations


• Lesser data consumption enhanced user satisfaction levels

• Customer base increased by 4% in a quarter

• 1.5x faster roll out of new features to market

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