Enhanced UX for a US Fintech

Banking & Financial Services
Creating a delightful, seamless and aesthetic user experience journey for customers of a US based FinTech
The Case

The client wanted to build a personalized daily news and a financial lifestyle app that will empower their users to see and understand their financial data with an engaging UX, CX and IxD so as, to give them financial freedom and aid in their social upliftment. They mostly targeted the less financially stable community. They also had other core banking products to be designed and delivered within the App like Banking, Insurance, Mortgage, Credit Cards and Loyalty. When the client launched its Retail Banking and Insurance business, it wanted a partner who could build and provide a world class User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for the new verticals. They wanted to enhance brand equity and online reach through a truly best-in-class website. It had to have navigation for easier browsing and a seamless experience.


We ventured to keep full-scale digital banking functions while designing the world’s most straightforward, aesthetic, and enjoyable banking user interface. We had to make sure that the application was engaging, trustworthy and simple. Our digital transformation practice with its well experienced UX/UI team transformed the client’s UX Designs through a Customer-Centric Strategy. We followed a Lean Agile methodology to achieve this. We created and A/B tested different versions of the app and its elements to continuously discover the best-performing versions that improved their conversions. Following are some of the functionalities we have designed and implemented for Customer Interaction: · Member onboarding · Highlights and Feeds · Financial wellness · Product and Services · History of payments

Technology Stack

- FLUTTER – iOS & Android Mobile applications - FIREBASE – Notifications - GETX – State Management


· Increased customer satisfaction rates · 360 degree view of every customer · Increase in ROI in Insurance and Retail banking · Better customer interactions

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